How to Find the Humor in Potty Training

3 Real Potty Training Stories to Make You Laugh!

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Parents with two or more children know the agony of potty training too well. Once we push through it with our eldest though, the next battle with potty training a child is much easier to walk through.

Partly because you know what to do and have all the tools for the job from small potties that you accidentally trip over in the middle of the night on your way for a glass of water to malfunctioning interactive potty training books that suddenly begin screaming, “Elmo can use the potty!” repeatedly in the dead of night.

Potty training is horrible the first time around, and even the second time around and beyond, it’s really no picnic. It just helps to know what you’re doing.

But no matter how many times you go through training a child to use the potty, the one thing that will help you the most is to hold onto your sense of humor and just, pardon the pun, go with the flow.

#1. The psychotic Elmo potty training book

Incidentally, the malfunctioning book really did happen to me. It scared us too. Three in the morning, I woke up because I swore I heard someone talking. I listened and I heard it again. I woke my husband and we ventured into the living room and that’s when we found our Elmo potty training book on the fritz.

For no discernible reason, it decided to begin shouting out its prerecorded phrases and despite our best efforts, we couldn’t get it to stop. So we buried it in a drawer under winter sweaters until it finally ceased making the sounds. Luckily for us, our eldest had already gotten the hang of potty training.

#2. The random dip

Laughing about the little things you’ll encounter through the potty training phase will always help keep you sane. Like when you walk into your living room and find yourself standing in a puddle of pee before anyone can even open their mouths to warn you.

Even a slow-motioned “Noooooooo!!!” couldn’t have saved you. And you laugh, because you must. And also, because pee washes off in a jiffy with some soap.

#3. The mistaken identity

So does poop. My husband was the lucky one with that adventure, and while he laughed about it, I don’t think anyone laughed harder, or louder, than I did when he picked up what he thought might be chocolate from the floor only to recoil in horror upon discovering that it was a nugget of poop.

Thankfully, he had enough sense not to taste it.

Yes, toddler toilet training is a challenging and rather gross segment of time in your role as a parent, but don’t lose sight of what’s ahead…cherished memories with your kids as well as the opportunity to tell their children about their potty training mishaps when they are parents themselves!