What You Really Need to Potty Train Your Child

6 Essentials You Need for the Potty Training Process

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When you’ve determined that your child has been showing signs of potty training readiness, then it’s time to prepare with all the right tools for the job. First though, you should talk to your child about starting potty training.

Tell her what’s going to happen and when, and follow through on it. Here are 6 things you will need to make potty training a success.

#1. Potty Chair

These are a lot easier to work with because they’re smaller and easier for new learners to get on and use by themselves. They can also be moved around to wherever you want in your home.

If you happen to have a large home, buying 2 of these isn’t a bad idea. When you go to buy your potty chair, involve your child in the process. If she picks one that she likes, she’s less likely to be scared of it.

#2. Stool and Seat Reducer

If you’re going to go the route of using a seat reducer that you would put on top of your toilet seat, you’re going to need to also purchase a small plastic step stool so your child can get up and down from the toilet with ease.

Children new to potty training are often a little afraid of trying the big potty for a while though so be prepared that your seat reducer and stool might go unused in your closet for a while.

#3. Big-Kid Undies

Take your child with you so that she can pick out big kid undies. Explain to her that she’ll no longer be wearing diapers and that she gets to pick out whichever cool designs she wants.

This will help build her excitement for completing this milestone.

#4. Easy to Remove Bottoms

Make sure that when you’re in this process of potty training that you avoid putting fussy clothes on your toddler. She needs to be able to pull down her pants quickly and easily, or lift up her skirt in a flash to use the potty properly.

Don’t add to the frustration by dressing her in something with lots of buttons or zippers.

#5. Books About the Potty Training

Before you begin potty training, you should start reading books about potty training to your child. It will help her to feel more comfortable as she transitions out of diapers.

Plus, she can look at them while she’s on the potty.

#6. Patience

The most important thing to have during this time is patience. It can be very frustrating to do more laundry than you ever thought possible and to clean up accidents from the floors, but you’ve got to remember that your child isn’t doing it on purpose to upset you.

Stay calm and reassuring and if it’s wearing on your nerves, go out with a friend for coffee while someone else watches your child and vent your frustrations there. Just never do so in front of your child or you could delay her potty training progress.

Some families opt to use training pants and nighttime diapers while others skip them. If these things work for you, don’t feel guilty about using them.

It’s all about anatomy, according to the experts and when your child is fully ready, she will never miss when it comes to using the potty.