banner about How to Potty Train a Girl For new parents whose little girls are becoming toddlers, it is thankful to know the 7 secrets on how to potty train a girl. Girls and boys will have to be taught a great deal over their young lives and potty training is one of the most important. For many parents, potty training their children for the first time can cause some trepidation.

After all, it’s an experience that few of us actually remember doing ourselves and if we witnessed our younger siblings go through this effort, then we might remember the times it didn’t go so smoothly. The truth is that potty training for girls is an experience that must be done in order to help the child to grow and become more self reliant.

What follows is a simple guide that will help you understand all you need to know about how to potty train a girl. 

When to Start Potty Training

There are a number of signs to look for that will indicate when to potty train girls. You need to see that your child is aware of the need to go, has the motor skills to work their clothing, she can understand and follow basic directions. Below are the major signs that will help you know when to potty train girls. You can also read some of recommended potty training books if you want more detailed explanation about the topic.

Secret #1: Awareness

Here are the basic signs of your girl becoming aware of her need to go.

  • Seeing signs of her need to go, such as grunting, squatting or hiding
  • A dry diaper through the night with no bowel movements
  • Regularity of bowel movements

Motor Skills & Following Directions

If she can undress herself and can pull her pants and underpants down, then her motor skills are advanced enough for potty training. Her ability to follow directions is the final step such as telling you where her nose is, putting away her toys or imitating your behavior. When she can demonstrate these abilities, then she is ready for potty training.

Secret #2: How to Get Ready

Here are a few things you need to do in order to get ready for potty training girls.

  • Purchase the potty chair or seat & training pants
  • Stop purchasing diapers

While the toilet may be easy for her to operate, it can be quite difficult for her to sit properly on the seat. You can find potty chairs for little girls at many retail stores, you should familiarize yourself with how to clean and empty them. But the most important factor here is that your little girl will no longer need her diapers. Once you start potty training, there is no going back once you are committed.

Potty Training

Girls and boys are pretty much alike when it comes to potty training even though you’ll have to teach boy how to pee standing up. In more info about how to potty train a boy read this article. However, each child is unique and will be a little different. Some will take to it with no problem at all while others will need a lot of guidance during this time.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting your girl ready for potty training.

Secret #3: Tell Her about the Day She will Start Potty Training

Once you have seen the signs, let your little girl know that she will start potty training on a particular day. You can even buy her a potty training doll to let her mimic the actions that she will take when potty training herself. By letting her know ahead of time, it will make it easier for her to be ready.

Secret #4: Stay Positive as Accidents will Happen

Many times this will happen on the first day she wears her potty training pants. The most important part here is to stay positive and reassure your little girl that mistakes are going to happen and that the next time she feels the urge, she needs to run to her chair. This helps her recognize the times that accidents can happen so she will make corrections.

Secret #5: Praise and Reward Her

When she does go to the potty correctly, you need to praise and reward her for the effort that she has made. You should set up a system where she is rewarded in a manner that she can understand. A star for each time she goes in the potty chair correctly that can add up to a reward at a fixed point, like the fifth or tenth time.

Secret #6: Be Consistent & Persistent

During this time, especially when you go out to eat or visit family, you will want to take her to the bathroom regularly and ask her if she needs to go. By being persistent, she will eventually catch on and understand when to go herself. Remember that she is still developing as a child and that she could catch on quickly or it may take more time. Whatever the case, being persistent will ingrain into your little girl so she knows when to go on her own.

Secret #7: You are Not Alone

Remember that there are millions of parents who go through this same period of time with their child and their children will get through this experience just like you did when growing up. Understanding how to potty train a girl will help you prepare for this time with your next child and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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