During the developmental stage training of your kid, it is important that you have the right tool like potty chair in order to successfully prepare the transition from zero to using a toilet. There are a lot of things to consider when buying the best potty. Make sure that you get the right size with comfortable cushioning, accessorized with safety gears and many more. Here are some products that should top your shopping list.

#1 Baby Bjorn Potty Chair by Babybjorn

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When you make your baby sit into the potty, you wanted him or her to be safe. This item could be the best potty in the market right now when it comes to safety because it features higher back support and comfortable armrest.

Some potties don’t have back support so babies tend to fall when they rest their backs. With a high back support that is smoothly interlaced with a solid plastic finish, the kid could comfortably rest while doing his or her thing in the tool.

It is manufactured with a friendly roundness feature to make the child feel at home. To control the mess while the child is using it, there is a splashguard feature. After the child finishes using it, mothers could just remove the inner potty and wash it.

#2 Elmo Adventure Kids Potty

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One of kid’s favorite animated character is Elmo. Integrating this character into a baby potty will add excitement in the training process. This toddler potty is like a real toilet with a miniature flush handle that could slowly make the child get accustomed to the real toilet.

When the child uses the flush handle, it creates sounds and common phrases usually said by Elmo. The inner part of the tool is containing waste cups that could easily be removed when mothers will start to clean.

The tank is also interactive because it was designed with 3D aquarium. With this kind of potty chair, the child will never associate the training to the feeling of discomfort.

#3 Multifunctional 4 in 1 Baby Potty by Primo

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This toilet seat should top the list because it completes the list of stages that kids will undergo during the toilet training. Buying this item is a smart and convenient choice for parents; it could already act as a standalone potty.

To make the child comfortable while sitting on it, the makers included a well cushioned toilet seat that could be reduced based on the size of the toilet bowl. When the child is inside the bathroom, he or she might want to use a sink or go up the tub. These types of potty chairs could also function as a safety step tool for the kids.

# 4 Cheer for Me Potty by Fisher-Price

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Kids would love to play around. Using a potty from an animated animal that they usually see on TV is one of the many ways in making the training light and fun. If you ask kids who just graduated from the training, they consider froggy character as best potty chair because they feel like they are playing.

This tool is very easy to maintain and clean. To easily tuck the kids who are using it, the edges are fashioned to be smooth. Along with its purchase are removable buckets and rear handles for portability mode. There is also a splash-guard feature that boys could use.

#5 Froggy Potty Chair by Fisher-Price

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This item is one of the many potties out there that could provide your child a realistic representation of a toilet. By simply looking at the potty, it resembles almost all of the elements that individuals could see in a real life toilet. This features a toilet paper holder that kids could just pull right after the usage.

After the child goes and pulls the flush, he or she will be serenaded with sing along songs which add to the interactivity of the training. Hearing songs while using the potty is like a reward for them. They will always associate the potty usage to fun. Kids potty should be decided well in order to entice the child in using it.

Those products being mentioned above are the frontrunners of potty training tools being sold in the market nowadays. Picking the best potty chair really contributes to success of the training. Surely, kids would love to sit on the potty once he or she sees it as an interesting and item.

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