banner about How to Potty Train a Girl Figuring out when and how to start the training process is one of the most painful feelings that I endured when I had my first daughter. Many mothers are asking what are the correct methods on how to potty train a child.

For sure, there are lots of methods that could be used based from the books that are available in book stores nationwide. But in my case, there is no standardized method that could be used. You just need to learn the basics and then personalize it to suit with the personality and signals displayed by your child.

The most common question that parents are asking is when to start potty training. The answer will always depend on the child’s projected signals. The child could be trained as early as one week; this training is called as infant method. In this training, the mother builds communication with the child.

Once the baby show signals of peeing, the mother places the baby over the toilet or in the potty tool. This is a good way of how to start potty training your baby because he or she will get accustomed to the tool. This is cost effective because parents will no longer need to buy diapers.

By getting rid of diapers, your baby will be prevented from having rashes. This method is only applicable for full time mothers because this is time consuming; the process requires the mother to stay with the baby 24 hours.

Another challenge on how to potty train your baby is the difference of gender. Usually, potty training girls could go smoothly with the mother because she already knows the comfort zones of a woman. Besides, girl’s developmental stage is progressing faster when compared to boys. Girls are quick in terms of emotional maturity which is one of the most crucial factors needed along the process.

Potty training boys is in a way the same with the girls. The only difference is the tool that will be used. Baby boys are usually keen in terms of how fun the training is so the mother should always invest in heavily colorful and enticing step stool and seat. Both boys and girls could be trained as early as 18 weeks.

It all depends on the mother; some parents are training their kids late so that everything will be absorbed naturally. Other chooses to start early so that their kids will become more independent during their developmental stages. When it is already the right time, your child will slowly reveal signs that he or she wanted to use the potty tool.

One major signal is irritation towards the use of diaper. When this happens, motivate your child not to use diaper anymore and try shifting to underpants. Slowly, your kid will show interest in using your potty. Make sure that you already placed the potty chair inside your house so your little one could see and touch it.

Make sure that you bought the most durable item because it is where you child’s safety depends. Potty seat should have a correct parameter in order for your child to be comfortable. You can also accessorize the seat by adding a colorful rubber cushion. If your child is not yet ready, try buying a potty doll and make it sit on the tool.

Once your child can see it on a daily basis, he or she will be motivated to do it too. This doll will serve as a model so that your child will be aware what its purpose is. Ignorance is not an excuse on how to potty train your child successfully. I myself have been through the process of not knowing anything because it was my first time to be a mother.

With the help of constant researching and best potty training books, I was able to successfully perform my duty as a mother. Right now, my daughter no longer needs my assistance when she goes. She does it naturally like a real grown up.