How to Potty Train a boy bannerTraining both boys and girls to use potty is one of the biggest challenges that parents, especially moms, should go through. Potty training tips for boys may still be unknown for newly commenced parents but worry not because you are not alone. There are lots of tips on potty training boys that moms could always follow.

Before starting the process, mothers should always know that training boys to do potty may be in some way alike with the training for girls but the other one poses some unique treatments and challenges.

Here are five wonderful tips on potty training boys that mothers should always consider doing in order to successfully assist the developmental stage of their young boys:

#1. Waiting for the Right Time

Mother could potty train their boys before reaching 18 months but the maturity and development stage of boys are always delayed based on the observation of experts. Unlike girls, boys may have a stunted developmental stage. Parents should patiently wait until the right signals are being displayed.

One of the best tips on potty training a boy is to wait for signals like irritation towards diaper. In this stage, the boy is now ready to proceed into another stage. Start removing the diaper and change it to underpants. At the age of 2 or 3, boys already have strong bladder control so they can stay dry for longer period of time. At this time, they are also starting to point to the toilet.

Make sure that there is a potty available around so that they could use it as an alternative for the toilet.  Expert’s mantra on this developmental stage is “when they are ready, they’re ready”.

#2. Tools Required for the Training

Before signs will be displayed by your kid, start buying underpants that could fit the child. Choose attractive underpants because boys wanted to have an interactive environment. They love a fun environment. Boys at this age still could not use an adult toilet so make sure that the baby potty being purchased has the right shape and parameters.

Mothers might also consider buying one potty for the room and another one that could be placed in the restroom. Buying potty seats and step stool for kids should be assessed well for comfort and safety measures. Potty training boys may sound as easy as it is but since their development is delayed compared to girls, moms are usually welcomed with resistance.

#3. When Is the Right Time?

Many parents are puzzled how and when to start potty training their boys. Well, there is no exact answer to that question because every boy has a unique condition. Boys should always have a model. Yes, a male model. Training girls is always a different situation because mothers could easily understand the needs of girls.

For boys, the perfect model would be the father, uncle or his big brother. Let the boy observe first how the male model uses the toilet. In due time, the boy will start to understand the toilet’s purpose. When he shows interest in going to the toilet, mothers should start referring him the usage of the potty tool.

To understand more about the process, mother could always read books related to potty training tips boys. Others are using male potty doll in order to train their boys when the father is away working.

#4. Boys Motivation

Many parents don’t know how to start potty training their boys because they are newcomers. Well, there is always a solution. Boys would love to receive rewards from the grownups. If they successfully use the potty, make sure that you shower them with their favorite cartoon character accessory or buy them new toys.

As a parent, you can observe what are the likes and dislikes of your boy.  Once he is motivated, he will keep on performing well until he can do it by himself.

#5. Totally Say Goodbye to Diapers

Once your boy has adapted to the process which was suggested by best potty training books you’re reading, it is the high time to fully separate nappies and him. When he sleeps at night, make sure that you make him wear underpants not diapers. If he still pees on the underpants, tell him that it’s bad so he knows he will not do it again.

Training should not always come with rewards, it also comes with penalties. Once he knows that momma will be angry if he pees into his underpants, the boy will develop stronger control of his bladder at night. You can tell your kid to wake you up when he wanted to go to the potty.  

Those are the five basic potty training tips for boys that mothers should always remember. There are no standardized steps that mothers could follow because the case is always different for every child. Potty training is perhaps the most dreadful job mother could ever perform but the rewards are worth the wait.

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