In order for your child to feel sense of achievement, you need to use some tools that will help him/her grow. One of the many tools during the developmental stage is the potty training chart. Below are the lists of different items that will help you assist the developmental stage of your kids:

#1 “I Can Do It” Reward Chart

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Potty training charts are very motivating for kids; one major example is this product. This chart is amazing because you no longer need to force your little one in order to do potty.

The chart is characterized with fun and colorful pictures that will surely entice your child to perform the assigned task. At each corresponding task, there are rewards included to get the child moving. There are 20 varying colorful chores and rewards.

The colorful images and pictures have magnetic strips so it could be attached to the corresponding date on the board. The tasks included are getting dressed, doing potty, brushing teeth, less whining and many more.

#2 “I Can Do It” Potty Chart

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If you want your boys to grow up with sense of responsibility at the same undergo a certain system, you should use potty training charts for boys which is proven to be very effective. This kit includes reward chart, certificate of achievement and other suggestion for the training.

The laminated chart is easy to use; you can just hang it in the refrigerator using the magnet tabs so that you little boys could look into it. Along with it is a book that will give you helpful tips related to potty training. The chart is easy to follow and simply attractive for the child. In the end, there is a certificate of completion to equal the child’s hard work and motivation.

#3 Ginsey Dora Reward Stickers

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Dora is one of the most adorable characters that kids love especially girls. Good thing Dora was featured in the Ginsey Reward stickers. Every time your little girls will do something good, you could give them Dora stickers.

You can also tick the stickers into the chart so that you baby girl could see what she has achieved so far. Potty training charts for girls is one of the most helpful tools during the young girl’s developmental stage.

By potty training sticker chart, young girls could realize that it really feels good to achieve something. Unlike boys, young girls could easily pick up and understand because they are emotional advanced during the early stage of the training.

#4 My Potty Reward Stickers for Boys

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Most potty training reward chart is giving young boys positive reinforcement whenever they have accomplished something. This product is very useful for young buys because it is not only leading them into the success of potty training but it also gives sense of accomplishment and responsibility.

When young kids will feel that doing potty properly is their responsibility, everything will just go smoothly. This item includes 126 circular stickers with different images. The potty chart helps your little boy motivated because every respective task performed have some corresponding rewards. Attached in this item is a very useful manual that parents could discuss to their kids. The discussion also develops the bond between the child and the adult.

#5 My Potty Reward Stickers for Girls

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This is one of the best potty charts that will motivate your young girls. It is arm with 126 colorful stickers for tasks and rewards. Reward system is very important during the training days because it will make the child follow whatever you wanted them to do in the training.

There are some kids that are really stubborn but they always bends when parents are already presenting them rewards. Every time your little one has performed the task well, you can get the sticker and give it to them as a token.

In return, the child will feel happy because she has accomplished something. This system could also eliminate the food and toys reward system.

There are so many toilet training books that you could use but all of them may have different ways on how to manage the training of the child. Also, those books are suggesting different tools that are effective. Potty training chart is one of the most useful tools that were ever invented in order to address parent’s difficulty in managing the potty training of a child.

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