Is Your Child Ready to Toss Those Diapers for Good?

5 Potty Training Signs to Look Out For

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Arguably, one of the most challenging aspects of parenting is considered by many parents to be the era of potty training. It’s filled with lots of extra messes and amounts to more loads of laundry. But it’s quite liberating when you can say so long to the days of diapers.

If you’ve got a wee one at home and are wondering how to know when to start potty training, you need to keep a watchful eye for the 5 major signs of potty training readiness.

There are a few things to lookout for when trying to decide if your child is ready to begin the process of potty training. You don’t have to answer “yes” to all of these signs of potty training readiness.

But if most of your answers are affirmative, then it’s probably a good time to make the transition from diapers to toilet.

#1. Does your child tell you when she has to go or has already gone in her diaper?

If so, your child is becoming very aware of her bowel movements. You can try to get her to go on the potty if she’s showing other signs of readiness. However, it’s best when she begins to tell you before she actually soils her diaper. In this way you know she is really ready.

#2. Are your child’s bowel movements predictable?

If every morning, 10 minutes after waking up, your child soils her diaper, she is more and more ready to try being set upon the toilet at the same time each day.

#3. Does your child follow you to the bathroom?

You might not like going with a captive audience around, but your child simply wants to copy your behavior. If she’s doing this, she’s curious about using the toilet. Use it as a teachable moment to explain what you’re doing with each step so that once you get her started on the potty, it will be familiar to her.

#4. Is your child staying drier for longer?

When your child can go longer stretches without wetting her diaper, it’s a good bet that’s she’s becoming ready to potty train.

#5. Does your child become upset by a dirty diaper?

If your child comes up to you in an agitated manner about her diaper being dirty and wants you to change it, she’s ready to begin the process of potty training.

Next, the question becomes: are YOU ready for potty training? If your child is ready, then you need to prepare with all the right potty training necessities.

You’ll also want to talk to your child about potty training and involve her in the process as much as possible so that when you begin, your child will feel comfortable and so will you.

Don’t forget though that the most important tool you can have during this time is a heaping dose of patience to help encourage your child in a positive way.