How to Potty Train a boy bannerFirst time parents may have a lot of fears in terms of potty training boys because they are different compared to girls. A boy’s developmental stage is slower compared to the girls’ in terms of maturity. First time parents should no longer worry because there are lots of secrets being spilled by other parents who have gone through the same process before.

Here are the seven secrets on how to potty train a boy which could be very useful for the newcomers:

1. Evaluation of the Boy’s Excitement

Before parents could start potty training their boys, it is important to assess whether the kid is excited to undergo the process or not. One of the many signs that your little boy is ready for the training is his willingness to go to the potty tool by himself. If he will do that, then it is a clear sign that the boy is curious or excited to use the tool.

Toilet training boys also starts with their irritation towards the use of diapers. Once your kid show signs that he no longer wants to wear diaper, point him into the potty tool and explain that it is where he should go when he pees or poop.  The purpose of this assessment is to never force a child to undergo a potty training if he is not ready yet.

2. Starting the Process by Buying the Necessary Tools

Once parents already know that their kids are ready to undergo training, it is now the right time to buy all the things that are needed in the process. Mothers should always complete the shopping list in order to get ready with the challenging and fun training. Buying potty tools from the trusted seller nearest you is very important.

As possible, buy at least three potties that you could place strategically inside the house. Since your baby will be saying goodbye now to diapers, the best way to potty train a boy without it is to make him wear underpants. Buy as many underpants that you may need.  

3. Model or Demo

Even inside the classroom, a teacher is using a model or a demo in order to make the student understand the point of the whole thing. For your little boy, all you need to do is show him what the potty chair is all about. By using an anatomical baby boy doll, the child could slowly get the full grasp of the process.

Potty training a boy could be more difficult but once he sees the anatomical doll being placed in the chair, he will slowly imitate the action until he gets comfortable.

4. Rewards

When you were still a kid, you cannot deny that you like rewards. Receiving a reward is like a celebration to the little boy after he did a good job. Whenever the boy successfully used the potty, parents should give him praises. A boy potty training is in a way a little tricky because you need to bribe the kid with some stickers and toys.

Giving rewards is one of the most useful potty training tips for boys of all time but parents should also take note that this should not continue until he grows a little older because the boy might think that everything he does equates to rewards. Giving rewards should also be moderated. The purpose of this method is to encourage the child until he can manage for himself.

5. Totally Remove Diapers

Before starting with the first step, newcomer parents have no idea on how to potty train boys. At this stage, the process is almost at the end. This is very crucial because your baby will show some signs if he wants to use diaper again. At this stage, try to focus in making the boy wear underpants; keep the diaper out of sight. Lay the underpants in bed and make him choose what color he likes.

6. Provide More Fluid and Fiber Centered Diet

The success of potty training boys is also depending on the fluid intake of the child. The more the fluid is being given, the more the boy will pee. Also, giving fiber induced food will give way to a smooth bowel movement. Mothers should have potty training charts for boys so that improvements and changes will be well documented. Reading potty training books could also help a lot in terms of understanding things during the process.

7. Monitoring

Since you have the total control of the process now, all you need to do is monitor what’s going on. Always check if the potty chair is still safe to use for your son. As he grows up, he may no longer need to use a potty training doll because he can manage it by himself. Do not interfere if he already knows how to do it independently. Just let him explore. Your role as a parent is to guide him.

Potty training boys could be a very rigorous process but once you succeeded, you will be the happiest mother in the world. By reading books and asking mothers who have been in the same process before, you will know when to potty train boys. There is no right time to train them, it all depends on the signs that they are showing.

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