Choosing the best potty seat is not an easy decision for most parents because they don’t know what features are useful for kids. Below are some of the best items that one could found either online or in some physical stores:

#1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer

Potty Seat for kids

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This stool is uniquely fashioned in order to follow the 4 stages of development in toilet training of a child. The first special function is to act as a potty with a standalone function; added with it is a large pot which is very handy for cleaning.

The second function is to assist the child into the adult toilet; to be able to do that, the potty acts as step stool for kids. It could also be used as a baby bath seat along the process.

The third function is to guide the child when he or she will wash hands in the bathroom sink. The last function is to function as a portable travel potty seat when the parents are mobile. This tool is very easy to carry wherever the family plans to go.

#2 Arm and Hammer Secure Comfort Potty

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This potty is a very special tool because it carries with it a stunningly attractive feature—odor elimination capability. It has a disc that could be refilled with a baking soda in order to deodorize the smell after the child goes. Among potty training seats, this tool is one of the safest because it contours the child securely while sitting on it.

Potty seats should provide safety to the child so the makers furnished it with a non-skid edge capability to prevent from moving around which could cause accidents. Along with the item purchase are comfy backrest, storage and built in deflector.

#3 Thomas the Tank Soft Potty Seat

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This portable potty seat is characterized by a removable cushion that could fit perfectly in most standard toilets. Cleaning it after use is very easy because it is removable; it also being armed with a deflector for the little ones. In order to provide comfort, kids toilet seat should be innovated to the next level.

The saddle which is made from polyurethane and polypropylene foam is very comfy to sit on. If the child wanted to carry it, he or she will never have difficulty because it’s lightweight. After usage, the mother could wash it using water and mild soap.

#4 Ducka Toilet Reducer

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Baby bath seats are usually plain and boring tool but this time, the makers were able to do a turnaround. This tool is patterned to a face of a duck which exudes fun and interactivity.

Kids will surely love this potty not only because of its friendly looking design but with its comfortable rubber and non toxic materials. To ensure safety of the user, the reducer is being prevented from moving around by the rubber.

The duck image is perfect for kids who wanted to have fun while using the potty. In that way, bath seats for babies will never be associated to discomfort anymore.

Choosing kids potty should be well thought by the parents because it is one of the most important factors in the success of the training. To get ready with the process, kids should also have potty training pants in order for them to be motivated. There are so many items being sold in the market, one should always check before processing the order.

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