You may be wondering about how to potty train a girl easily and effectively with minimal fuss and tears. In that case, you have hit the toilet-training jackpot as we will guide you to a diaper-free toddler in no time! Just follow our strategies on potty training girls and be persistent and patient; remember – your little angel can get scared in a jiffy, so go easy on her.

#1 When to potty train girls?

So when to start potty training girls? The process of letting go of diapers is much smoother when your child is READY for it! Luckily, girls adapt to adult toilets much more quickly than boys their age do. So, how do you know the correct time? When to start potty training without unknowingly forcing your daughter to comply against her will?

Here are 2 sure signs that should be a sort of potty training checklist for you and will help you out and put your worries to rest:

1. Your girl’s age

Children below 18 months do not have fully developed sphincters or bladder and bowel muscles that allow them to control their own bladder. So, the best potty training books in the world are useless until your child comes of proper age and acquires the necessary strength.
Generally, it is a good idea to wait till your toddler is at least 22 months of age before you try and coerce her to use the potty.

2. She becomes aware of her toilet routine

When your little tot starts showing signs that she knows she’s pooping or taking a wee, you can then start implementing your best potty training tips for girls. Getting a concentrated look while in a diaper, sudden pauses during play or indicating or pointing at her diaper are all signs of awareness.

#2 Choose the right time for potty training

As we pointed out before, little girls are quick learners and easily trained for adult toilet. Also, siblings learn even faster than first-born babies. So, to make sure you succeed quickly and the entire process is as painless for your girl as possible, stick to a proper routine!

If she takes a poop in the afternoons, make sure you introduce her to her brand new colourful potty in the afternoon itself. The same potty schedule daily will help her associate pooping or urinating with her potty seat.

#3 Let her imitate her mother

Girls LOVE to imitate their elder sisters and their mothers. So, let her watch her Mommy use the toilet and place her potty there so she can use it too. Do not let your daughter see her brothers or father use the toilet. That will only confuse her and she might be more resistant the next time you ask her to use the potty.

#4 Buy GOOD potty training equipment

You want tips for easy potty training in 3 days? Buy good, bright potty gear for your daughter and buy multiple potty chairs and seats for different locations around the house. You do NOT want to hunt for the potty when she wants to go ‘poo-poo’. So, get a gorgeous, funny-looking potty for your girl and you can introduce it to her before a bath. If she hesitates, back off!

Never force her or shout at her in frustration; she’s a toddler, not a full-grown human with common sense. Bonus Tip – Play with her potty when introducing it to her for the first time and make her teddies and dollies sit on it first. Then encourage her to do the same as well.

#5 Show her what to do in a fun way

Get fun picture books and children’s videos on how to potty train a girl easily and show them to her. Even if the videos are on boys’ potty training, let your daughter watch them as she will get the general idea of how to use a potty.

#6 Make her toilet training sessions fun

Decorate her potty with her, get or make potty training charts for girls (just do a quick hunt online for some gorgeous, fun ideas!), promise her rewards and incentives for her correct usage of the potty. Make games around the ‘potty period’. If she takes a pee in her potty, give her a big golden star.

Or if she takes a poop, give her a bigger star or two stars – you get the idea. Use your imagination – what does your girl love? Well, by now your query about ‘how to potty train a girl’ should be resolved. Just use our simple and easy techniques and your little girl will be using her own potty in no time.

Few more things to keep in mind


Most parents may ask when to start potty training girls. The usual perfect time to train young girls is after they have reached 18 months. At this time, the signs are being displayed like irritation towards the diaper usage, curiosity towards the potty and willingness to explore adult toilet. Signals are the most important factor of the training because without them, parents will not be successful in the training process. You cannot force kids to do potty when they are not yet displaying signals. Without signals, it simply means they are not yet ready.

Completing the Requirements Ahead of Time

Before asking how to potty train a girl, you should ask yourself first if you are ready. When you say you are ready, it means that you have read guides and potty training books. Readiness does not only entail physical things like buying the list of items like potty tool, underpants, step tools and many more. Some parents undergo professional training first before starting their own personal potty training for their kids.

Loads of Patience

The best way to potty train a girl is to approach it with mildness and full of understanding. Some parents are not successful because they easily get angry when their little girls will start to act like a diva. If you counter it with force, the natural reaction of the little girl is to resist it. Try the mild approach and you can see that it effortlessly works. Also, try to know what are the likes and dislikes of your daughter. Bribe her with the things that she likes so that you can make the situation in favor of you.

Build a Strong Connection

Another failure of potty training that usually mothers missed to do is building connection. Most mothers are always busy so they don’t have enough time to bond with their daughters. One of the best tips for potty training girls is through connection. When you child can feel that she is comfortable with the process, she sill succumb into the process.


Before fully integrating into the process itself, do not forget to use charts and calendars. The usage of potty training charts for girls is always found useful because you will oversee the schedule, frequency and the volume of the activity. Planning ahead of time will also provide you some fall back activities just in case your plan A did not work.

With a lot of books written nowadays regarding potty developmental stage, you can get lots of potty training tips for girls that are very useful for you. Pick the ones which you think are useful for your little girl. Drop the ones that you are sure will not work. Potty training is also a series of discovery and exploration. The success will always depend on how you handle it so never stop learning. Before the training, you should have tons and tons of patience.