First timer parents will surely meet challenges and difficulties along the way as they potty train their kids. One way of getting ready is through reading on the technicalities of the training by reading potty training books written by experts. Below are the following books that could be critical in the training.

Oh Crap! Potty Training book

#1 Oh Crap! Potty Training

This book can save you a lifetime of frustration and disappointment when potty training your child.

However, the method in this book only brings easy and quick positive results for those who actually follow it word for word, every minute of every day.

Miss one accident or skip even a single step during the day and you may expect potty training process to become a much longer.

Jamie Glowacki has helped thousands of parents potty train their child successfully in over 67 countries around the world and her Oh Crap! Potty Training book has been a best selling book for already several years.

#2 Potty Training by Noon

Kim MacPherson wrote this book to help parents have fast, fun and easy way of potty training a kid. This is a best potty training book because it will tell you secrets on how to save a lot of money while training your son or daughter.

Kim will explore details in the book on how to make use of your resources at home so you no longer need to shell out more money buying fancy potty seat, potty training pants and other stuff. This is a do it yourself handbook that you could perform in 30 minutes and finish at noon. Without a doubt, this book is parent friendly.

#3 Potty Train in Three Days by Lois Kleint

This could be the one of the most excellent toilet training books that mothers could found available nowadays. The book includes step by step methods that will assist mothers during the developmental stage of the child. Potty training is one of the most hated job parents could ever experience but this book will change everything.

Potty training could be done in three days as long as the principles and steps are integrated carefully. This is an easy to read-and-follow book that was written by Lois Kleint who is an expert in terms of parenting education. The author is spending most of her time teaching and educating parents on how to raise kids with positive behavioral blueprint.

#4 Diaper-Free Before 3 by Jill M. Lekovic

Most parents would be very happy if they could make their babies and diapers separate before reaching the age of three. This potty training book will deliver conventional knowledge about the process. Dr. Jill Lekovic wrote this book in order to show parents on how to potty train kids in the most healthy and natural way.

The author is also trying to stress in the book that potty training could be less stressful if parents know how to observe the signals being displayed by their kids. This book will also help kids understand their body signal in order to protect them from suffering urinary problems at young age.

#5 The Deluxe Potty Book by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Now if you have little girls then you’d better need to learn more about the potty training thing. Since they are the ones who are most prone to having urinary tract infection then make sure to check out this book.

Through this, you will be able to learn more on how to use potty pants as well as potty training pants. The importance of potty training is actually presented through a story on this DVD package. It also has a great colorful book which will even add up more enjoyment for your child to learn more about her potty training.

#6 The Potty Boot Camp by Suzanne Riffel

This is very fitting for first timers because this potty book explains the basic concepts of training toddlers. Everything that was written here is already tested and proven. These toilet training methods were developed by experts.

The book’s concepts are applicable to almost all kids because this is already a by-product of combined strategies and techniques that are usually used in the process of toilet training. The book was written by Dr. Suzanne Riffel to help parents who are having difficulty in the process of potty training.

This could be one of the best potty training books that parents could use as a handbook until the child will no longer need to use diapers. This book will never leave any parents ignorant on how to use step stool for kids.

By reading useful potty training books, parents could gain knowledge being parted by experts. Through these numerous resources, they will no longer be clueless on what to do with kids potty.

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