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  • Watch This Short Breaking News Coverage of a Popular Carol Cline’s Potty Training Program Called “Start Potty Training” That Helps Parents All Around the Globe to Toilet Train Their Kids in 3 Days Flat…

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  • “The Start Potty Training method now helps nearly 100% of families who use it! Now notice the words “who use it” because I have specifically done that for one very big reason…

    This method only brings quick and easy results for those who follow it exactly word for word, every minute of every day. Skip one step or miss even a single accident during the day and you can expect potty training to become a longer process.

    I want you to understand this now because when day three rolls by and your child still needs more time, it is not that this method is not working…

    It means that more time, dedication and consistency is needed! So please don’t toss in the towel at the end of the three days, keep going. If you stick with the method exactly as outlined, I promise you one day things will simply “click” with your child.”

    Carol ClineAuthor
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